Ferrari's Greatist Hits

Ferrari, the King of supercar maufacturers have, in my opinion, only ever made five truly great cars. The 250GTO, F40, Enzo, 458 and the LaFerrari. Really ask any proper car enthusiast how many great cars Ferrari have made and they will tell you some combination of theses. 250 GTO The first of the greats, this classic has a three litre V12 with 296 hp chucked at the back wheels through a 4 speed manual gearbox.

The Grand Tour's Final Series

The Grand Tour’s final series I’m so sad to see it go What do you mean the final series? Yes, sadly readers, The Grand Tour is going to end after this 13 week series. So this is going to be a rundown of Amazon’s own car show or as they put it #amazonshitcarshow. Mowtown Funk - Part one The very first episode of the series; it follows the three of them as they prove to Mr Willman that Detriot should be a petrol heads paradise.

The Hellephant

Whaaaat??? Over the Christmas period I’ve been reading Top Gear Magazine (other motoring magazines are available). In it there was a list of all the biggest surprises of 2018, things like Harley Davidson’s first electric bike, or the fact that Tesla was in profit for the third time in it’s life. In the list there was a piece on a Hemi engine made by Chrystler for Dodge vehicles. They called it the Hellefant.

My Dad's Midlife Crisis

Helping With My Dad’s Mid-Life Crisis If your Dad is getting to the age where he should be having a mid-life crisis, this post is for him. I have split my suggestions into five budget brackets; on a budget, sporty but cheap, high end, super high end and ridiculous. On a Budget, up to £10,000 In this bracket you should be looking at things like MX5s, Vauxhall VX 220s, Audi TTs and ford KAs.

The Pros & Cons of Rotary Engines

I like rotary engines. This post will explain what I think is good and bad about the rotary engine. However before all that I should explain how the rotary engine works and how it’s different from a piston engine. How It Works The rotary engine or Wankel engine as Mazda call it works on the same four stroke cycle as a piston engine (intake, compression, ignition, combustion) it’s the way it goes about it that makes it different.

Hello World

Hello and welcome to my corner of the internet. I’ve been into cars most of my life. I love all cars. Large cars, small cars, fast cars, cool cars, all cars. Except the Prius. I hate the Prius. I’m an avid watcher of motoring shows on T.V. and the internet, and love motoring magazines and car games. Here you’ll find useful information and my opinion on all things cars and probably a few things about F1.