Ferrari's Greatist Hits

Ferrari, the King of supercar maufacturers have, in my opinion, only ever made five truly great cars. The 250GTO, F40, Enzo, 458 and the LaFerrari. Really ask any proper car enthusiast how many great cars Ferrari have made and they will tell you some combination of theses.

250 GTO

The first of the greats, this classic has a three litre V12 with 296 hp chucked at the back wheels through a 4 speed manual gearbox. This car competed in some of the greatest races and tours of all time, including the Tour de France, when it was a lap of France in sports cars not a bike race. The GTO has the classic Italian styling with curving wheel arches and a rounded body, all of which creates a reassuring feeling that the car will break down.

1962 Ferrari 250 GTO 34 2.jpg
CC BY-SA 3.0, Link


This race inspired 500HP road going gokart had a full carbon fibre construction and apparently it’s great to drive. It was made with the intention of being the fastest road legal thing in existence and to beat the Porche 959, with a top speed of 201 mph. It was the best driving car of it’s time, it quite possibly still is today.

Ferrari F40 (14368683508).jpg
By Axion23 - Ferrari F40, CC BY 2.0, Link


Orange Enzo Ferrari (7191948164).jpg
By Axion23 - Orange Enzo Ferrari, CC BY 2.0, Link

This car is possibly one of the best ever made and it deserves it’s place on this list. Made in honour of Enzo Ferrari, the company’s founder, its v12 engine soared to a top speed of over 200 mph. Being a Ferrari hypercar it needs to be able to set a lap which it does really really well due to the racing setup of the chassis. With the right driver behind the wheel it can go around the Nurburgring in around 7 and a half minutes which, in the early 2000’s, was groundbreaking. The model gave birth to the Ferrari FXX, a track only version that is so fast I’m surprised a human can control it. With the FXX’s exhausts exiting where the Enzo’s break lights should be, it just looks menacing.

Ferrari FXX - rear 02.jpg
By Maurizio Manna from Casalnuovo di Napoli, Italia - Ferrari FXX #2, CC BY 2.0, Link


The best of the bunch in the 2010’s super car era. Shaped in a wind tunnel to be aerodynamically efficient and sill looking good is something of a rarity in this day and age. Yet still it has the go for the Ferrari performance seal of approval, being launched down straights by a 4.5 litre V8 which gives it its name. No,it not the fastest car of the generation. No, it’s not the best looking car of the generation. It isn’t even the best in any section of its generation yet it is the best amalgamation of them all.

2011 Ferrari 458 Italia DCT S-A 4.5 Front.jpg
By Vauxford - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link


Last we come to the LaFerrari. Ferrari’s entry into the hyper car holy trinity (with the McLaren P1 and the Porsche 918) it must get a spot in this list.

Ferrari LaFerrari.jpg
LaFerrari By TTTNIS - Own work, CC0, Link

Pushed along using a naturaly aspirated V12 developing 900hp (ish) helped along by an electical boost bumping it up by about 50hp. Like all the other greats, it comes with the Fiarano handling seal of approval. You can be confident that you can chuck it around a mountain road and you won’t go out with brown pants. The race version FXXK has F1 spec KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) and a chassis so stif it could collapse Everest, yet soft enough that you cold happily do a track Day and not leave in agony, like you would in similar cars from other companies (the Ariel atom V8 for example). Overall the one of the holy trinity I would get.

2015 Ferrari FXX-K RED.jpg
FXX-K By Edvvc - wikimedia commons, CC BY 3.0 it, Link

Ferrari have made some briliant cars. But only these five are truley great.

Next from me, “One car for the rest of your life”.