The Grand Tour's Final Series

The Grand Tour’s final series

I’m so sad to see it go

What do you mean the final series?

Yes, sadly readers, The Grand Tour is going to end after this 13 week series. So this is going to be a rundown of Amazon’s own car show or as they put it #amazonshitcarshow.

Mowtown Funk - Part one

The very first episode of the series; it follows the three of them as they prove to Mr Willman that Detriot should be a petrol heads paradise. They go about this in three suped-up muscle cars: the RTR Ford Mustang, the Hennesy Exorscist and the Dodge Demon.

Part one of the film starts with Clarkson running down what the people in charge of Detroit want it to be. A plant filled ECO paradise, or so Jeremy claims. Then it cuts to Jeremy’s car the RTR Mustang, he explains that the RTR in it’s name actually means Ready to Rock. The RTR Mustang is just an upgraded version of the 2015 gen 6 GT Mustang putting it up to about 700hp and an upgraded chassis meaning it can handle the added grunt.

Next, we are introduced to James’s Hennessey Exorcist. A 1000hp mad man’s Chevrolet from the mind that wonderd what would happen if you put 1200hp in a Lotus Exige. Answer: 270mph. (ish).

Now, Mr Hennessy only tuned up the engine and plonked a 2.9 litre supercharger on the top of it. But no brakes or suspension upgrades, unlike the RTR Mustang, So yeah, it’ll go very fast, but won’t stop. Or go around a corner. Or do anything that isn’t going in a straight line. Which it can only just about do.

Thirdly, and finally, Richard arrives in the Dodge Demon. With his 800hp muscle car he “had an erection”. It being the only factory car here you might think it’ll be the slowest. However, being custom built for drag racing it is on even terms with the Exorcist and the RTR.

Once all the cars have been introduced they suggest an out of town drag race. This is when we learn that Dodge hasn’t allowed Hammond to do a drag race his Demon, on the street. So, in typical fashion Jeremy and James left Hammond and his Dodge behind.

Race One. Typically, James couldn’t remember how to turn on the Exorcist’s launch control, so they agreed not to use it on either car. Quite suprisingly, the car with more power won the race.

Just to annoy Hammond they ran the race again. This time, mostly because James found his 1000hp a bit trickey to get off the line, the 700hp Mustang won the race. Then, because it was really annoying Hammond, they ran the race many many times.

In search of some history, the team head off to to a multi storey car park,that used to be a rock theatre, that used to be a Ford plant. A building with great acoustics, and noise being an important part of the muscle car scene, a noise test was in order.

Employing a tactic of high reves and lots of donughts, the team did lots of damage to tyres, their ears and the building.

Hammond’s Dodge was last in the challenge with only 118 decibels. The RTR was next at 126, but in the hands of Mr May, the Chevvy hit 128 decibels.

To conclude part one of the film the stars needed somewhere to stay so they went and bought a house. In a simple act demonstrating the inequality across the US. In San Francisco, a small one bed flat will cost you $3,000 a month. In Detroit? A whole 4 bed house with a double garage costs just $2,200.

The McLaren Senna

This weeks big review is on the McLaren Senna, the second most successful Formula one team’s answer to a race car for the road. Not wanting to crash a million pound hypercar, Jeremy took it to a place that was a little less tree lined than the Eboladrome. He took it to what he claimed was the fastest race track in Europe, Thruxton.

After the review, their professional driver, Abbie Eaton, took it around the Eboladrome with a blistering lap that Jeremy bet his house on. It is a great lap and worth watching. I’ll keep the result to myself. #spoilers.

Mowtown Funk - Part Two

We pick up the Detroit film with the boys going into the centre of the city to try and turn it into a race track. Despite the current economic climate and the abandoned factories, Detroit is still a busy place with plenty of businesses and people rebuilding. So, not a good place for an impromptu circuit De’Clarkson. So they ditched that idea and went to an abandond Chevrolet factory and made a race track around there.

“This action requires skill and manual labour so Hammond insisted he did it all himself.” After Hammond finished, and knowing what happened with the Rimac last season, they decided James should test the track in the Exorcist. With the track christened and a very narrow bit that is nearly too thin for the Demon, the three went out for some practice laps. The times are basically irrelevent. May was the slowest and Clarkson was the fastest. (By a lot).

Now the hot laps. May went first with a 59.66 second lap time still slower than Jeremy’s practice laps; yet his fastest lap of the track so far. Next up Hammond, geting a 1:00.06 second run. (all they said was 4 tenths slower). Finally Jeremy. We don’t know what time the RTR set as it never finished it’s lap as James coated the final corner with organic palm oil which sent the Mustang spinning.

Demon vs Exorcist

As you would know from earlier, Hammond never got to drag race against the Exorcist. However, for a dollar with a Demon you get a drag racing kit with drag racing tyres, performance air filter, new ECU and higher octane fuel. Finally, after taking so long for the Demon to set up, and after their starter (Jeremy) went home, they broke out the lights; after all that baloney they finally got a race.

It was a close race, neck and neck all the way, only just swinging to the Demon for the final result.

Sounds fun, but what did you think?

In a word, Brilliant. I loved watching some new stuff from quite possibly the best trio you can watch right now. I just loved the banter they all have and for the most part it’s all just a joke.

Hope you enjoy reading about the first episode of the Grand Tour. I really recommend you get an Amazon Prime suscription just to watch Grand Tour

Sorry there are no images for this post, I haven’t been able to get permission to use anything. But you can find out more about the cars from the sites below.

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