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I’ve been into cars most of my life. I love all cars. Large cars, small cars, fast cars, cool cars, all cars. Except the Prius. I hate the Prius.

I’m an avid watcher of motoring shows on T.V. and the internet, and love motoring magazines and car games.

Here you’ll find useful information and my opinion on all things cars and probably a few things about F1.

So lets start with my Top 5 cars. In no particular order…

1. McLaren F1

Orange MClaren F1 Orange MClaren F1 By Eliot from Las Vegas CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The McLaren F1 was originally :conceived by Gordan Murray who convinced Ron Dennis to back it. In 1998 set the record for the fasted production car at 240mph. A record it held until it was beaten by Koenigsegg in 2005. (241 mph).

In the mid 90’s McLaren ran a F1GTR version at Le Mans and beat the competition leading to a F1LT (Long Tail) which was even faster.

Its unusual central driving position gives a racing car feel for the driver, even if it makes it awkward to get into it.

2. Koenigsegg Regera

The Regera (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koenigsegg_Regera) had a very limited production run(80 cars) and is a Plug-in Hybrid. Costing approx $1.9m. Each car is individual, so there is no exact specification for any car. The drive train, Koenigsegg’s “Direct Drive System” is unusual in that it only really has 1 gear.

While traditional Koenigseggs have always had surprising levels of practicality, creature comforts and features, our primary focus has always been to make the fastest cars on the planet – around a racetrack or anywhere else. The Koenigsegg Regera continues this tradition, but with innovative technology that blends outrageous speed, supreme comfort, and a unique Direct Drive experience.


‘Nuf said really.

Koenigsegg Regera Koenigsegg Regera By Norbert Aepli CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

3. Mazda RX-7 FD

The RX-7 and the RX-8 are still the only production cars to run a rotary engin. Explaining a Wankle rotary engine is never going to be cool. So if you really want to know more look here (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mazda_Wankel_engine).

So why is it here? Lots of power from a tiny engine, smooth revving up to 8500 RPM makes it a pleasure to drive, and listen to.

mazda RX-7 3rd Generation mazda RX-7 3rd Generation By Taisyo (Own work) CC BY-SA 2.1 jp, via Wikimedia Commons

4. Ferrari F40

The Ferrari F40 was designed to celebrate Ferrari’s 40th anniversary and at the time it was Ferrari’s fastest car for sale. The F40 had a revolutionary carbon fibre chassis and twin turbo V8 from the 288 GTO creating about 240 BHP at pique. It was created with the intention to be the fastest sports car in the world but never quite made the top speed of the Porsche 928 (211mph). Due to limited production runs of the 928, it did hold the Fasted Production car in the word for a short while.

The F40 was the last Ferrari personally approved by Enzo Ferrari.

Ferrari F40 Ferrari F40 By Axion23 CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

5. Ford Focus RS (2017)

The latest Focus RS is brimming with technology that makes it as easy to use every day as blasting round on an open track day. The clever torque vectoring all wheel drive system allows the drive to pick from a range of driving modes. From Street mode (All round on road, nice and safe most conditions) to full out drift mode, which will let you shred your tires in a cloud of sweet smelling rubber without the nasty burnt clutch smell.

2017 Focus RS Ford Focus RS By Bull-Doser (Own work) Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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